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Hydroseeding (wet seeding technique) according to DIN 18918 (DIN = German Industrial Norm) is suitable for the reliable long-term recultivation or greening of hard to reach areas or terrain not accessible to vehicles and areas with extremely demanding conditions (difficult terrain) with the aim of protecting the soil from erosion. It is a fast and efficient technology, with up to 5 acres per day treated.

A special mixture of seed, fertilizer, soil conditioners, mulching material and soil enhancers is sprayed onto the generally sloping terrain from special vehicles equipped with jets or from hose lines. The seed mixture consists of species which are suitable for the location and are drought resistant. Mixers provide for homogeneous slurry and ensure an even greening result. An organic tackifyer glues the slurry and anchors it to the soil particles of the topsoil layer in a solid matrix. The tackifyer provides reliable protection to the soil surface and the attached from wind and water erosion.


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